Thuram: “Borussia the best choice for my career” – market value increased by 31 million


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Gladbach is used to this bloodletting of top players, it will not surprise anyone if one of the top players expresses a request to change.
After all, it is part of the philosophy and finances the next players that you want to train to become top players. Whether Reus, Xhaka, Hazard, or from your own youth ter Stegen and Dahoud, you train players and benefit from their change.
Thuram will certainly strive for higher goals at some point and you will allow him to do that, after all, you can’t earn as well in Gladbach as elsewhere.
Until then, I’m really happy to see how it fits in and develops.

Yes I agree with you. Eberl just has to be careful that we lose a maximum of 2 regular players at once. With Ginter / Elvedi, Zakaria / Neuhaus and Embolo / Plea / Thuram we currently have players in all parts of the team, according to which wealthy clubs lick their fingers sometimes more or less, depending on their current form. If Neuhaus continues to play like this and possibly goes to the European Championship, he will not be able to be held for long, for example, which was not foreseeable a year ago. But a Benes has disappeared again into oblivion.

We can halfway compensate for 1-2 exits at a top level, but no more. Also because the 100 million you would get for 3 players at some point on the player market won’t bring you anything, because every player costs 50% more when Max calls, after all, everyone then knows how much money is in the cash register.

That’s why I find Corona deceptive. Yes, we may still be able to keep a lot of players next summer, but summer 22, when people like Stindl and Sommer have gradually passed their zenith, a Kramer and a Hofmann are slowly getting on in years, that could then a rude awakening – not least because the loss of many regular players should also make a Rose wonder whether he is better off elsewhere.

We’ll see. So far, Max has always managed to win, but you should be aware that we are currently experiencing a high phase and, after a few departures, will experience years like under Hecking again, where we may “only” be single-digit, but not reach Europe. But if you consider where we were 10 years ago, I still take that with a kiss.

Let’s enjoy the current time.

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