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It is unusual for a Zelda part to have a direct successor. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a big exception here. We still have to wait a bit before we can experience the second part of the Nintendo Switch launch title. However, Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation already offers us the opportunity to experience the prehistory to Breath of the Wild, and thus satisfy the hunger for more Zelda action. However, this is not a “real” part of the Action Adventure series, but a further offshoot in the style of the Dynasty Warriors games.

In a hyrule, before our time

The first part of Hyrule Warriors was intended as a pure fan festival. Characters from different parts of the Legend of Zelda series came together to experience a completely separate story, detached from the universe. Time of Desolation takes a different route. Here you can experience what happened 100 years before the events of Breath of Wild in Hyrule.

The story of Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation is told in many cut scenes that are fully set to music. You accompany Princess Zelda, who is looking for the pilots of the four titans in the company of the knight Link. These gigantic machines are needed to repel the onslaught of destruction.

Anyone who has already played Breath of the Wild gets additional context to the story told there. However, due to the structure of the story, prior knowledge is not necessary. Apart from a few fan service moments, even newbies do not miss any relevant passages.

Gather the troops: Hyrule needs heroes!

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Combo festival with Zelda heroes

The core gameplay of Time of the Ruin is very similar to that of the first Hyrule Warrior. Here, too, the title is based on the tried and tested Dynasty Warriors framework. With a group of heroes you fight your way across a battlefield, take over nodes with troops, box enemy leaders and cut your way through hordes of enemies. These mostly serve as simple cannon fodder without really offering any resistance.

At first glance, the combat system seems a bit undemanding. But the different, playable characters all bring their own interesting mechanics to the game flow. Each hero has light and strong attacks that can be used in different attack sequences. The ZR button activates your character’s unique ability: Link draws his bow or Impa creates seals that she converts into shadow clones in order to intensify her attacks. If you collect enough energy, you can also carry out a particularly devastating special attack. The combo system, paired with the satisfactory hit feedback, are extremely motivating.

Impa summons shadow clones that drop bombs on their enemies

Impa uses ninja techniques to defeat their opponents

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But in the course of the adventure you not only collect several heroes, but also numerous resources and weapons. You can use the former to unlock new options on the world map. Weapons come with different stats and passive properties. With a blacksmith you can even fuse them later to increase their strength or combine skills.

Hyrule Warriors: Time of Desolation rewards the player permanently. Be it by trying out a new character, getting new items or progressing through the story. However, the brute action on the battlefield is always in the foreground.

GrandPooBear builds the studio of his dreams

Perfekte Breath of the Wild-Vibes

The Time of Devastation stands out from Hyrule Warriors not only in terms of game depth, but also visually. The graphic style almost perfectly mimics the look of Breath of the Wild. You’d think the games would run on the same engine. Unfortunately, Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation also copied the frame rate problems from the great design model. In most cases, the action is stable across the screen. But especially in the docked mode of the Nintendo Switch, there can be strong stutters. This seems to be an issue with the way the game displays transparencies and can presumably be fixed in a future update.

Since the title is so closely based on the look of the open world adventure, players are rewarded with outstanding designs. The world and characters are colorful and brimming with charm and character. Some well-known characters have been given a new, younger look, the style of which blends in perfectly with the rest of the world.

Researcher Purah in what is, for her, an iconic pose

“Check it!” – Fans can meet a young Purah, among others

© Nintendo

And the sound also looks like from a full-fledged Zelda game. Heroic pieces of music perfectly deposit the action and delight connoisseurs with some well-known melodies. The speakers of the different characters are well chosen and thus enrich the numerous cutscenes.

A “Warriors” game for everyone!

Hyrule Warriors: Time of Disaster Surprised. You expect a simple, but fun, Dynasty Warriors fight in the style of the predecessor and get so much more. If you haven’t been able to warm up to the Mousou genre because it lacks depth, you should definitely take a look. Zelda fans take it anyway without hesitation. Music, optics and the world of games alone are enough to make series veterans happy. The fact that the title also offers crisp gameplay makes the package even more attractive for regular Hyrule visitors.

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