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As a TV doctor, the US actress has been delighting an audience of millions for years. The producers are very angry about their salary requests.

Ellen Pompeo (51) is not only one of the most popular international series stars, also with her parade role as committed TV doctor Meredith Gray in the hospital hit “Grey’s Anatomy” she has been capturing millions of fans in front of the screens for 15 years. The US actress is currently working on the 17th season of the hit series.

Reunion with co-star

The coronavirus pandemic is said to play an important role in the new episodes. There will also be a fantastic reunion with “McDreamy” Patrick Dempsey (54), as the two stars already announced on Instagram. Pompeo in particular is enthusiastic about the series comeback of her long-time co-star: “Patrick and I have this chemistry that makes me think that even at our very first meeting it was somehow as if we had known each other for 100 years,” said them opposite “Deadline”. “And now it was like that again.”

TV star is playing poker for millions

But apart from this good news, the house blessing on the “Grey’s Anatomy” set is pretty crooked. The reason for this is the lead actress’ salary demands. According to “Bild”, Pompeo earned the equivalent of 16.7 million euros per year on the series in recent years, but would like to see 4.2 million more on her account in the future. Quite a bit of a chunk for the producers, who do not react squeamishly to Pompeo’s request.

They are now considering not renewing Pompeo’s contract after the coming season and finding a replacement for the leading actress. As the “Bild” newspaper reports, scripts with a possible successor should already exist.

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