Torghast fun with boss one-shots and “imba” anima combos


from Karsten Scholz
Numerous WoW heroes are currently visiting the Tower of the Damned in the Shadowlands: Torghast. Because (almost) only there you can earn the soul ashes that you need for the construction of legendary items. And one thing is already certain: The factor of chance can provide a lot of memorable moments in the solo challenge!

The first full ID of WoW: Shadowlands is almost over and most players should have reached level 60 by now. You now have a little over a week to concentrate on the The first Shadowlands season starts on December 9th prepare. And when it comes to preparing for the Mythic Plus dungeons, the Raid Nathria or the rated PvP, then one thing should have a particularly high priority for most players: the Construction of the first legendary item.

It is well known that soul ash is required for construction, a currency that can (almost *) only be earned in Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. Current are only two wings with three levels each accessible, but that’s enough to earn the first 810 soul ashes and – thanks to the design of the solo challenge – to experience one or the other remarkable situation.

* Why almost? Well because: Soul ash is also available through missions (adventures)

Torghast fun with boss one-shots and “imba” anima combos

Because of the random factor, you never know exactly what to expect on the next Torghast run. Especially with the gradually acquired anima powers, extremely powerful combinations can arise. How powerful is shown by numerous clips on the net.

Let’s just take the demon hunter with the never-ending fire blight aura, thanks to which he comes to an average of 16,000 damage per second:

This magician is also impressive, who shoots the final boss of a level out of life with just one spell:

Even the final bosses on level 3 will be in the dirt in seconds with the right anima combination:

And if you are not so lucky with the anima combinations, you can fall back on one or the other “cheesy” strategy:

What does it look like: Have you already been able to clear all currently open levels? How do you like Torghast so far? Let us know in the comments!

Those: Icy Veins

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