Tractor demonstration drives through Dresden | MDR.DE


Farmers demonstrated again on Monday afternoon in Dresden against the EU’s new fertilizer regulation. According to reporters, around 1,000 farmers drove around 600 tractors to the Saxon state capital to express their displeasure with the new regulations that they believed were threatening their very existence.

Around 5 p.m. there was a rally in front of the State Chancellery. There, the farmers’ demands on politics were once again made clear. There were significant traffic restrictions in Dresden city center because of the demo.

Stricter fertilizer rules

In the spring, the Federal Council and the federal government passed stricter fertilizer rules for farmers. They are supposed to protect the groundwater from too much nitrate. But the farmers’ associations doubt the measured values. Instead, they fear crop losses if less fertilization is allowed. Farmers across Germany are mobilizing against the restriction in soil fertilization.

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