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The gap between 13,500 and 13,236 points was formed when it opened on February 24 and is the last open gap in the DAX on the upside. On the downside, however, the DAX has numerous gaps open, the first at 12,600 points. These gaps should also be closed again in the future. It is therefore still unlikely that the DAX will now face a long price increase.

In addition, the Fear & Greed Index from CNN Money, an indicator that reflects the greed and fear level of investors in the S&P 500, is currently already very hot. In the Extreme Greed area, the indicator stands at 91 points out of a possible 100 points. Here too, thin air is displayed.


Speculative traders can wait for the upper gap to close at 13,500 and then consider a short position. A short position with an Open End Turbo Put Warrant from DZ Bank (DG38YM) on the DAX is ideal. The price target is in the area of ​​12,600 points at the first lower gap that is still open. The stop could be placed a little above the upper gap that is still open at 13,600 points and should be followed quickly on debut and, if possible, in profit.

Underlying: DAX (ISIN: DE0008469008)
Product type: Open End Turbo Warrant
Issuer: DZ Bank
ISIN / WKN Hebel product: DE000DG38YM1 / DG38YM
Duration: Open End
Course K.-o.-Put (Date): 5.91 / 5.92 (30.11.2020, 15:03 Uhr)
Base price variable: 14,011.00 points
Knock-out threshold: 14,011.00 points
Leverage: 23.00
Distance to knock-out: 4.22%
Stopp-Loss Short: 4,12
Target short: 14.12 (+ 148.96%)

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