Trials – Frankfurt am Main – Prosecution calls for several years in prison for knife attack – Panorama


Processes – Frankfurt am Main:Prosecution calls for several years in prison for knife attack

The Frankfurt Regional Court. Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen / dpa / archive (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) – After a knife attack on three bouncers in a Frankfurt discotheque, a man is said to be imprisoned for six years and nine months at the will of the public prosecutor. The indictment accuses the 19-year-old of triple attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm before the Frankfurt Regional Court. She spoke out in favor of a judgment under juvenile criminal law. The defense sees no homicide, they did not name a specific criminal complaint. A judgment is now due to fall on December 11th.

The Turkish accused had not been allowed into the disco by the bouncers on New Year’s Eve last year. As a result, he felt “his honor had been hurt,” the indictment said. One by one, he wounded the three employees with the knife. He had “acted insidiously and for low motives,” emphasized the prosecutor. In the process that has been going on since mid-October, the 19-year-old admitted the knife stabbing through his lawyers, but denied any intention to kill.

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