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Trump hopes on the way to victory
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In his first television interview since the US election, incumbent President Donald Trump reiterated his unproven claims about alleged election fraud. The November 3rd vote was “a complete fraud,” said Trump in a telephone interview with Fox News on Sunday.

In the almost one-hour conversation, Trump renewed his claims that many dead people had voted and that the increase in postal votes resulted in “massive fraud”. Trump has so far not presented any solid evidence of the alleged election fraud he has been talking about for weeks. US courts have already thrown down numerous lawsuits aimed at challenging the election results and his Republican allies.

It was only on Friday that a federal judge who had once been nominated by Trump had dismissed an important lawsuit in the US state of Pennsylvania as unfounded. US authorities and state election officers have rated the vote as safe and successful – there are no known cases of major fraud.

Trump (74) continues to refuse to recognize the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden (78). When asked by the conservative Fox News presenter Maria Bartiromo whether there was still a way to victory for him despite the defeats in court, Trump said: “I hope so.”

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