Trump holds out the prospect of withdrawal from the White House – second …


We start the news day live with you and give you a quick overview of the most important topics of the morning.

The most important things at a glance:

Trump holds out the prospect of withdrawal: The US president has announced that he will retire in mid-December. Trump announced on Thursday that he would leave the White House if the electoral college voted for his opponent Joe Biden. More on this

USA: vaccine next week? (Still-) President Trump has announced the first deliveries of Covid vaccine for the coming week. More on this

“Second wave” brings excess mortality: Statistics Austria shows 2,286 deaths for the week from 9 to 15 November – the third highest figure since 2000. For the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, European mortality monitoring has attested Austria a “high excess mortality”. In spring, deaths were only slightly above average. In Germany they are significantly lower.

New lockdown amendment in force: The amendment to the “Emergency Measures Ordinance” will come into force today, Friday. Grandparents are allowed to look after several grandchildren, but a visit to St. Nicholas is allowed. More on this

Riots at the Agrana: Instead of celebrating the rescue of their sugar factory, Agrana has to parry harsh accusations. It’s about “unrealistic” forecasts, a controversial exit and the consequences for the balance sheet. Matthias Auer reported. [premium]

Diego Maradona buried: The soccer star was buried in a small circle in a suburb of Buenos Aires. Before that, thousands wanted to say goodbye. Some fans forced their way into the government palace for fear of not being allowed in, the police drove them away with tear gas. More on this

Morning glosses: The EU Commission encourages its officials to go abroad on Christmas holidays as they do every year. You are undermining “your own appeal to renounce the fight against the epidemic,” says Oliver Grimm.

The morning live:

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