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Turkey has condemned the fatal attack on an Iranian nuclear scientist as a “heinous murder”. It hoped that the perpetrators would be held accountable and called on all parties to act with common sense and measure and to avoid undertakings that led to an escalation in the region, the Foreign Ministry announced in Ankara on Saturday evening.

“We condemn this heinous murder and express our condolences to the Iranian government and the family of the deceased,” it said. The nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot in his car on Friday and injured so badly that he died shortly afterwards in a hospital, according to the Iranian government. Iran blames Israel and the US for the crime.

According to a government spokesman, Iran does not want to sacrifice its diplomatic efforts because of the deadly attack. “We should definitely not fall into this trap,” said Ali Rabiei on Sunday. According to Rabiei, there were also attacks on Iranian nuclear physicists during the nuclear talks with the world powers between 2005 and 2015. But even then, the negotiations continued and not abandoned because of the attacks, the spokesman said, according to the news portal Alef.

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