Two bodies: is “Forbidden Love” -Clarissa really dead?


Terrible scenario in the opening episode of the Forbidden Love reboot “Next Generation”. A terrible helicopter crash occurred on the TVNOW series, in which Clarissa von Anstetten (Isa Jank, 68) apparently died. The same fate overtook her in the past, but then she considered the helicopter accident. But this time it obviously didn’t get off so lightly – corpses were recovered.

Episode two starts right on the morning after the tragic event. Alexander (Frederik Götz, 32), Livia (Livia Matthes) and Robert Verhoven (Heinz Hoenig, 69) observe the rescue and clean-up work. You can see a coffin being placed in a transporter. “The police found two bodies”says Livia then. Later there is a scene in a conference room of the Verhoven Company, where Robert confirms once again that one of the bodies is Clarissa. He got this information from the police.

Perhaps another veteran of the series will return to the set of “Forbidden Love” soon. Many fans are hoping for a comeback from Miriam Lahnstein (46), who played Tanja von Lahnstein in the original episodes. So far, only her name has come up every now and then, maybe the audience can expect a big surprise in this regard.

Frederik Götz, Livia Matthes, Heinz Hoenig and Nicole Kersten
Isa Jank, actress
Frederik Götz, Livia Matthes, Heinz Hoenig and Nicole Kersten

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