Tyson – Jones: Insane show by Iron Mike – boxing fans still completely disappointed


It was the big boxing highlight of the year: Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones junior. Iron Mike had a great fight. But the result was disappointing.

  • Mike Tyson and Roy Jones jr. made for the boxing highlight of the year.
  • Iron Mike had a great fight.
  • The fans were still angry afterwards – because of the official result.

Update from November 29th, 7.28 a.m .: What a fight! Staying awake or getting up early was definitely worth it. There was no winner between Tyson and Jones, but Iron Mike put on a decent show anyway!

The fact that the fight was considered a draw disappointed many fans – they saw Tyson clearly in front. The boxing legend compensated for this after the event with an interview that is already cult.

6.43 a.m .: A long night of boxing comes to an end. Now we are of course excited to see what Mike Tyson will deliver after the fight. 50 kilos lost, eight rounds of power in the ring – that definitely deserves a lot of respect!

6.34 a.m .: Great fight, great punches from Tyson. And that’s why the fans agree: “How can this be a draw? Tyson has clearly won! ”The disappointed viewers write by the thousands on Twitter. We agree with that. But of course this is about the thing: Mike Tyson was back in the ring after 15 years. That’s what we wanted to see!

6.31 a.m .: Great scenes here! Both boxing grandpas now have their say, of course they pump properly. Tyson explains that he is really happy with his fight. “I’m happy that I was able to fight here,” he said.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones jr: Strong performance by Iron Mike – but there is no winner

6.29 a.m .: And you could almost have guessed that. THERE IS NO WINNER! Tie, both boxing grandpas have won. Or lost as you take it. In any case, we’ve seen Tyson much stronger here. He still has his drive, his punch from before.

6.28 a.m .: Now we are eagerly waiting for the result. The unofficial judge Ray Corona (of course this man is called that!) Is in focus.

6.25 a.m .: A short pleasure, but it was really fun! Mike Tyson back in action! Strong performance by Iron Mike, but also Roy Jones jr. deserves respect here.

8th round: Run for the last two minutes. That was pretty quick. It’s a shame actually. Tyson corners Jones again, but he comes out. And then – FINAL CHIME! That’s it

7th round: Penultimate lap now. Honestly, who would have expected this to actually last that long? In the meantime, both of them are panting. Tyson adds a nice combination. He is clearly ahead.

6th round: We’re slowly on the home stretch here. Tyson still has everything under control, but Jones shouldn’t be copied here. He’s still waiting for his chance – does Iron Mike get cocky? Then it can be over very quickly. Tyson wants to know, goes on the offensive.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones jr. – Box-Highlight des Jahres

5th round: Tyson looks really good here now! On Twitter you are already sure: “One more round, then he knocks him out!” Nice blow against Jones. More advantages with Iron Mike!

4th round: It continues between Tyson and Jones. That looks like boxing clean, Iron Mike can still do it! He still has the reins in his hand and keeps attacking his opponent. But Jones is waiting for his chance, he’s doing it very cleverly.

3rd round: Ouch! There’s a rumble, Tyson and Jones bang their heads. Iron Mike still has a little more control.

2nd round: Of course, the whole ceremony here is a bit slow. But Tyson and Jones are over 50, what do you expect? Jones goes a little more on the offensive in the second round.

1 round: That was pretty good, Mike! Good first strike against Jones. The first of eight rounds (all only two instead of three minutes long) goes to the older of the two boxing grandpas.

1 round: Tyson in black, Jones in white. And Iron Mike wants to know right away. The 54-year-old looks good. He lost 50 kilos for the fight. Does that give him the necessary ease?

1 round: Box!

5.51 a.m .: Anyone who follows a boxing match must naturally also be a big fan of his: Michael Buffer! Of course he is also there today and calls the two opponents into the ring. We’re finally starting!

5.47 a.m .: The most important thing in advance: If one of the boxing grandpas bleeds badly, the fight will be stopped. In addition: The laps are only two minutes long instead of three minutes. The boxing gloves are also different than usual: They weigh twelve instead of ten ounces. There are also no official judges. The boxing association WBC provides celebrity judges and a ceremonial winner is proclaimed.

5.37 a.m.: After the long pre-show it finally starts! There were three fights before the main event, numerous music acts, advertisements – everything that goes with a long boxing night. But now it’s getting serious!

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones: Boxing match today in the live ticker

Los Angeles – Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones junior – it’s the boxing highlight of the year. Who will prevail in the duel of the boxing grandpas? Iron Mike lost 50 kilos and got fit again. Does that mean he has a chance after a 15-year break? He is considered an outsider, after all, the three years younger Jones (51) is more in the juice.

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