Utah: As suddenly as it came, the desert monolith disappeared again


Panorama Riddles in Utah

As suddenly as it came, the desert monolith disappeared again

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Riddles about monoliths in Utah

Stones mark the place where the monolith stood until a few days ago

Quelle: AP/Kelsea Dockham

How did a reflective metal steal get into the middle of the rocky Utah desert? This question preoccupied the US authorities last week. The sculpture could have been there for years – until now.

Dhe guesswork around a recently discovered metal monolith in the western US state of Utah continues: a few days after being found in a remote desert area, the column has disappeared, according to the authorities.

The responsible local authority announced on Saturday evening (local time) that the object had been removed “by an unknown party”. “We received reports that a person or group removed it on the evening of November 27.”

The authority itself is not responsible for the disappearance of the object. Because the region is viewed as private property to which the state has no access. The background initially remained unclear.

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The crew of a helicopter had discovered the object a few days ago during a flight in southeastern Utah. There had been much speculation in the past few days about the more than three meter high stele framed by characteristic red rocks. Some internet users even linked them to aliens.

More likely, however, an explanation seems to be that the monolith came from the sculptor John McCracken, who, according to the Guggenheim Museum, made very similar free-standing objects in the form of pyramids, cubes or polyhedra. McCracken died in 2011 – but his son Patrick told the “New York Times” that his father had already told him in 2002 that “he would like to put works of art in remote places so that they can be discovered later”.

The monolith was discovered a week ago in a remote desert region in Utah

The monolith was discovered a week ago in a remote desert region in Utah


Some trackers suspect that the mysterious object was set up in the rocky region of Utah before October 2016. This was suggested by satellite images from different years, on which it can only be seen from autumn 2016. At first it was also unknown how the column was anchored and how deep it reached into the ground.

Although the authorities did not disclose the exact location in the desert for security reasons, the coordinates were soon circulating on the network. Several people had set out and published photos and videos.

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