UTTC Oberwart: defeat at the end of the year



The table tennis club from Oberwart did not have a conciliatory end of the year on Sunday. The southern Burgenland had to admit defeat to the guests from Salzburg 1: 4 in the Bundesliga. Relegation should be fixed in spring.

Oberwart went into the duel against the guests from Salzburg, who came with two Italians and one Japanese, as a slight outsider. The experienced southern Burgenlanders won the first point. Dominik Habesohn lost set number one against Francesco Sanchi, but then won the following three sets and brought UTTC Oberwart 1-0 up.

Decisive second game

The second game of the day was trend-setting: Oberwarts Martin Storf played against the Japanese Koyo Kanamitsu, the even game was only decided in the fifth set. In this decisive set, Storf awarded a match point and thus the 2-0 for Oberwart. The Japanese, on the other hand, took his first chance and decided the close duel in favor of Salzburg. “The match could have been the turning point. We might have won a draw or maybe even a win. The other matches were also very hard fought, ”said Storf.


Oberwarts Martin Storf in the game against Koyo Kanamitsu

In the following game, Carlo Rossi from Salzburg fought a verbal fight with the referees. He did not always agree with the referees’ decisions, at the same time he kept the upper hand in the game against Mathias Habesohn. This game was also decided in the fifth set, and this time with the better ending for the guests. “When it comes to close matches, it is always crucial how you are in your head. I think we were a little too unstable mentally for the matches, ”sums up Mathias Habensohn.

Oberwarter want to be in the middle of the table

Points three and four then also clearly went to Salzburg. Despite the defeat, Oberwart wintered in eighth place in the table and thus on a non-relegation place. “We said at the beginning that we wanted to avoid relegation. Because things are not going so well now, we have to look all the more that we can reach the middle of the table, ”said Daniel Habensohn. In the spring, the fight to stay in the top play-off continues. Incidentally, the autumn championship title in the table tennis Bundesliga goes to the team from Wels.

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