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The wine growers have filed charges against unknown persons. Photo: private

The friends of the Schimmelhüttenweg in Stuttgart-Degerloch want to make it as beautiful as possible for wine hikers. All the greater is their anger at those who smeared the Wengerter house, which has just been renovated.

Degerloch – It is more of a disappointment than anger that you can hear from Thomas Hund. The second chairman of the Association of Vintners and Friends of the Schimmelhüttenweg recently learned that the association building, the Schimmelhütte, had been defaced. Once again, graffiti sprayers have struck in Degerloch.

The spray paintings that adorn the half-timbered house are not artistically ambitious, but rather plump and ugly. The building serves the association as a starting point for hikes, as a tool shed, as a warehouse. The volunteers have kept it in good shape over the past decades.

30 volunteers tackled this summer

Only in the summer 30 members got together and brought the house and its surroundings up to scratch, cleaned the walls and cut the trees. All of this with a lot of work, as Thomas Hund emphasizes. Children and seniors were there, including Haigstler, who actually have nothing to do with the club. “That was a great action,” says Hund.

And now that: desert graffiti, carried out under cover of darkness in a night-and-fog operation. Unfortunately not uncommon in Degerloch: There are regular sprayers on the Waldau. In the summer, would-be artists tinkered with residential buildings on Rubensstrasse. Vandalism is also not uncommon on Schimmelhüttenweg. “Again and again there was such damage to the building and partly also to the listed vineyard walls on the Haigst, but the current graffiti has reached an unprecedented level,” says Thomas Hund.

Nice setting for excursions – and now this

Most of the people who come by on the Schimmelhüttenweg are peaceful. “You sit down in the Wengert, read a book and take your rubbish with you,” says Hund. The association sees its task in making it as pleasant as possible for hikers and day trippers, to make the Schimmelhüttenweg palatable to them. It is particularly annoying that few manage to destroy all of this. The second chairman believes that the connection with the corona crisis cannot be overlooked. “In Wengert you now stumble over glass bottles or empty pizza boxes more often, rubbish remains – that has clearly increased since Corona,” he says.

In addition, there is not much going on in the cold months and it gets dark early. In addition to the lack of social control, the Schimmelhütte is located in a depression – a real free ticket for those who want to destroy. Nevertheless, the first chairman, Thomas Wolfrum, filed a complaint against unknown persons. During the week he meets with Degerloch’s district chairman Marco-Oliver Luz to examine the damage on site. The costs are likely to be considerable, the paint has penetrated the masonry. And specialists who can get rid of graffiti are expensive.

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