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She likes to try new things and face challenges. That’s why you haven’t seen the beautiful Aspacherin on stage for a long time. The reason: Vanessa Mai (28) is now finally ending her hit career! With her album “Mai Tai” she tries with all her might to take off the coat of the Schlager-Muff and arrive at modern German pop music à la Lena Mayer Landruth.

While the young audience can certainly enjoy this groundbreaking decision in Vanessa’s career, the style change could disappoint long-established Schlager fans. After all, Vanessa Mai was considered a new hope in Schlager. Especially since her last musical foray into the hip-hop scene received little attention. Then she quickly hopped back into the ideal world of hits. However, with moderate success. The fans were annoyed: their concert tickets weren’t exactly selling like sliced ​​bread.

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And now the U-turn again? Doesn’t Vanessa know what she wants? The receipt for the confusion followed promptly: your new song “Midnight” did not even make it into the charts. That is bitter. How long does Vanessa want to go through this back and forth and hold off her fans? It is already moving dangerously on the edge of the abyss. Perhaps the former Schlager princess will comment on this at her appearance in the popular music-heavy “Silvesterstadl”? We are excited

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