Veritas offers genome analysis to predict a person’s response to COVID-19


Madrid (ots/PRNewswire) Genetic factors can determine a person’s possible response to infection, regardless of age and previous illnesses. By analyzing it, we can better understand why certain people have little or no symptoms while others experience severe complications

The COVID-19 Risk Panel can be performed using whole genome or exome sequencing and includes the analysis of all genes that have been linked to severe disease in COVID-19 infection. This information can be invaluable in personalizing COVID-19 treatment.

The analysis takes into account three groups of genomic variants, with the first group identifying those related to the drugs used to treat COVID-19. The second group studies the factors that cause reversible metabolic or thrombotic complications. The last group examines the genetic factors associated with cardiopulmonary complications from infection with SARS-CoV-2.

Veritas Intercontinental presents a new analysis that aims to predict a person’s response to COVID-19. It does this by sequencing the entire genome or the entire exome, and the aim is to personalize treatment to avoid medical complications.

A saliva sample taken by Veritas or a partner in the Veritas partner network is used for the analysis. This makes the service very easy to access. If someone has already had genome sequencing performed by Veritas via the myGenome service, they can participate in the COVID-19 analysis by authorizing Veritas to re-analyze the information already available and a new sample is not necessary.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, various genetic factors determined by scientific studies have been linked to a complicated course of COVID-19. These factors are generally related to other medical conditions that a person is predisposed to but may not have already developed. The diseases related to genetic factors can increase the risk of complications from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The result of this genetic study can provide the treating physician with information that allows him to tailor his treatment to the patient and thus possibly reduce mortality and the risk of COVID-19 treatment.

The COVID-19 Risk Panel analyzes genes with sufficient scientific information and provides precise information on three groups of pathologies. The first group identifies those related to the drugs used to treat the disease. The second group studies the factors that cause reversible metabolic or thrombotic crises. The third group studies the genetic factors associated with diseases that cause cardiopulmonary complications.

According to Dr. Luis Izquierdo, a clinical geneticist and Chief Medical Officer of Veritas Intercontinental, genetic factors are critical to understanding why patients with similar traits react differently. “This test is very valuable because people with pathogenic variants in these genes have a higher risk of complications, and this information enables a specialist to personalize treatment in the event of COVID-19 infection. For example, carriers of pathogenic variants can be linked with long QT syndrome have heart rhythm problems for the first time after taking drugs to treat COVID-19. “

The COVID-19 Risk-Analysis for myGenome patients can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as part of Veritas’ new annual subscription model called Genome Life. Genome Life subscribers will receive ongoing updates based on their already sequenced data as myGenome customers. The service offers the opportunity to consult the Veritas Advanced Genomic Services team, be it through an annual consultation on genetic analysis, the free evaluation of additional studies or access to the genetic support service “Talk to the Experts”where patients can submit their inquiries about how to get the full benefit of their genetic information.

Information on Veritas Intercontinental

Veritas Intercontinental was founded in 2018 by Javier de Echevarría, CEO of Veritas, Dr. Luis Izquierdo (Chief Medical Officer) and Dr. Vincenzo Cirigliano (Chief Technical Officer) was founded as a spin-off from Veritas Genetics, a company founded in 2014 by Prof. George Church, one of the pioneers in personal genomics. Veritas was created with the goal of making genome sequencing and clinical interpretation available to everyone to prevent disease and improve health and quality of life. Since its inception, Veritas Intercontinental has spearheaded Veritas’ operations and development in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Japan.

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