Victoria of Sweden: First recordings after Carl Philips & Sofia’s corona infection


Victoria of Sweden and her family at a video conference – not that exciting in itself if it weren’t for some positive corona tests.

You certainly imagined this day differently. On Thursday (November 26th) it should actually be all about the Nobel Prize winners. In a presentation by the Executive Board of the Nobel Prize Foundation, this year’s Nobel Prize winners Victoria of Sweden (43), Prince Daniel (47) and King Carl Gustaf (74) and Queen Silvia (76). In the digital meeting, the Swedish royals are as professional as ever – not a matter of course given the latest news! Victoria’s brother Prinz Carl Philip (41) and his wife Princess Sofia (35) tested positive for the coronavirus in the morning. At the time of the presentation, the four royals are still waiting for their own test results and have to fear.

A positive test result would mean that they would all have to be quarantined for a few weeks and possibly have infected other people. You can see the expressions of the royal family members shortly after the corona cases became known in the video above.

Estelle & Victoria from Sweden – a mom-daughter duo in a partner look

Victoria of Sweden is by far Scandinavia’s leading fashion queen. But daughter Estelle (8) also proves on many official occasions that she already has a knack for fashion at her age! Instead of competing, the mom-daughter team uses a much sweeter strategy: the partner look! The two not only set the tone in terms of fashion, but also look simply adorable as a duo.

In the video below you can see which outfit the Swedish duo used here. This look is simply extra class.

© Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP via Getty Images;


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