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More than 25,000 Vorarlbergers registered for the nationwide corona test on Monday.

The population of Vorarlberg has been able to register for the corona mass tests (December 4th to 6th) since Monday morning. Provincial Councilor Christian Gantner was a guest in the “Vorarlberg Live” studio on this subject.

The nationwide corona tests will begin in Vorarlberg next Friday. At “Vorarlberg Live” Gantner has announced the first figures for registrations for the test weekend. By 4 p.m., 25,000 people from Vorarlberg have already registered online or by telephone for voluntary testing.

Registrations are possible on the webpage www.vorarlberg.at/vorarlbergtestet. 80 test stations will be set up across the country, in most cases gyms or other public buildings will be used. The tests are carried out between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Online registration desired

“Please try to register using this online form as a priority,” said Provincial Councilor Christian Gantner. Registrations do not have to be made personally, but could also be done for family members. “If you have no one who can help you, please contact the following number: 05574 / 601-600”, said Gantner.

Questions and answers about the test

  • Which test is carried out? A rapid antigen test is carried out. A nasal swab is taken with a very thin, flexible stick. The secretion adhering to the stick is put into a solution and it takes about 10-20 minutes until the result is displayed. The test poses no health risk.
  • Who is doing the tests? The tests are carried out by trained personnel from the health sector, mostly certified paramedics. They are supported by fire fighters for security services and community employees for organizational matters.
  • Is the test mandatory? No, participation is voluntary and free.
  • What do I have to bring to the test? The code (QR code) that you will receive as confirmation of registration (on your smartphone or as a printout) and a valid photo ID.
  • How long does the test take? The test only takes a few minutes.
  • When and how will I find out the test result? The test result will be communicated via SMS after approx. One hour or can be requested on 05574 511 28006.
  • What if i’m POSITIVE? In this case, too, you will receive the result by SMS. You will also receive the information that you have to go into isolation immediately. You will also be asked to return to the test station on the same day after 5 p.m. in order to carry out a PCR test to confirm the result.
  • What if i’m NEGATIVE? A negative test result is just a snapshot. In any case, continue to observe the precautionary measures of face mask, distance, disinfection and ventilation!

“Winter tourism will take place”

With regard to the upcoming opening steps after the hard lockdown, Gantner is still covered. Plans are being made in this regard in the federal government and with the state governors. He doesn’t know any details yet.

However, Gantner advocates that the ski areas are allowed to open before Christmas. In Vorarlberg, a lot of jobs and a lot of added value are dependent on winter tourism. A lot of preparations have also been made in Vorarlberg so that safe winter tourism is possible. According to Gantner, Vorarlberg should become the “Fort Knox” of winter tourism. In this regard, the regional council looks positively into the future and promises: “There will be winter tourism in Vorarlberg.”

Advertising industry in crisis

In addition to Provincial Councilor Gantner, Martin Dechant (WKV division spokesman for the “Advertising and Communication” specialist group and managing director of ikp Vorarlberg) was an interview partner at “Vorarlberg Live” on Monday.

Dechant spoke to VOL.AT editor-in-chief Marc Springer about the crisis in the domestic advertising industry. According to an in-house survey, the crisis-related loss of revenue among advertisers is around 50 percent on average. The prospects for the coming year are “not rosy,” explains Dechant. Stabilization in the advertising industry is only expected in mid-2021.

Many companies have frozen or even canceled their marketing budgets. For the numerous advertising agencies and advertisers in Vorarlberg, this is a very existence-threatening situation. But right now, advises Dechant, it is important for companies to be present in external communication. This also applies to tourism. Those who fall silent in a crisis run the risk of falling into a vicious circle.

“Voralberg live”

VORARLBERG LIVE on Monday, November 30th, 2020
Guests: Provincial Councilor Christian Gantner, Martin Dechant (WKV spokesman for the “Advertising and Communication” section and managing director of ikp Vorarlberg)

The broadcast “Vorarlberg Live” is a cooperation between VOL.AT, VN.at, Ländle TV and VOL.AT TV and is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. Find out more here.

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