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102 recoveries, 2,988 actively infected people.
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The number of new corona infections continues to decline significantly in Vorarlberg. The situation in the hospitals is also stable.

Since midnight on Sunday, only 15 new infections have been registered in Vorarlberg, compared to 281 recoveries.

The number of people actively infected thus fell to 2,757 (as of 12 noon). This roughly corresponds to the value on November 1st. 125 people have so far died in Vorarlberg in connection with the corona virus.

32 Corona-Patienten in Intensivbetten

Of the 79 intensive care beds nationwide, 32 – one more than last – were occupied by corona patients. Currently, 28 intensive care beds were still available for all patient groups on Monday. A total of 163 corona sufferers were cared for in the hospitals (eleven more than on Sunday).

Relaxation with hospital staff

A further easing became apparent in the number of infected hospital employees. 73 (minus eight) were infected with the corona virus, 38 (minus two) other employees were in quarantine as contact persons.

Figures from the communities

As of Monday noon, there were 14 Vorarlberg municipalities with over 50 actively infected. In eight communities, the number of cases was over 100, with the city of Dornbirn ahead of Bregenz and Feldkirch and Lustenau. Around two thirds of all coronavirus infections active in Vorarlberg were distributed among these 14 communities. Eight of the 96 Vorarlberg municipalities were free from the corona virus.

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