Voting in the city of Zurich


Will access to the Zurich outdoor pools be free in the future? The city of Zurich will vote on this and two other proposals today. We report live.

the essentials in brief

  • The first district has been counted: Schwamendingen and constituency 11 reject the counter-proposal of the “Sportstadt Züri” municipal council with 3,069 votes against, which corresponds to 55.1 percent. As expected, constituency 4 + 5 clearly said yes to the Badi proposal.
  • The electoral districts 11 and 12 clearly accept the theater and dance funding proposal. You also clearly say yes to the Thurgauerstrasse design plan.
  • In the city of Zurich, three proposals come to the polls: free badis, the Thurgauerstrasse design plan and the reform of dance and theater funding.
  • Cantonal votes are not scheduled in Zurich on November 29th.
  • In the federal votes, extrapolations in the canton of Zurich indicate a very narrow yes to the corporate responsibility initiative (51.6 percent). The war material initiative is likely to fail (45 percent).

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