Was there propaganda against Muslims ?: NPD poster hung at a party of the Berlin fire brigade – Berlin


The Berlin fire brigade is investigating the suspicion of a right-wing extremist incident in their ranks. At a celebration of the Adlershof volunteer fire department, an NPD poster is said to have hung on the wall. On a photo that was sent to the Tagesspiegel, the poster can be seen with the inscription “Home travel instead of entry”. Below are heavily packed women with headscarves. The NPD has been inciting against Muslim migrants with the poster for a long time.

The photo also shows two young men, one is said to be the chief fire chief in Adlershof and the chief fire chief in the professional fire department. The whistleblower who sent the picture claims that a former fire chief of the volunteer fire brigade “positioned” the NPD poster after firefighters invited the left-wing politician Gregor Gysi.

The allegations “we take very seriously,” said the spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade, Thomas Kirstein. The test has “top priority” and a result will be given as quickly as possible.

The Adlershof voluntary fire brigade did not want to provide any information on Monday and referred to the press office. The left-wing extremist scene has now also taken up the case. The allegations are reported on the Internet platform Indymedia.org.

Right scandal at the Bremen fire brigade

On Monday evening, the Berlin fire brigade took a detailed position on the allegations. The photo was taken several years ago, actually in the fire department. The poster is a national election poster of the NPD from 2009.

In addition, the same firefighter who hung up the poster allegedly insulted a patient with a migrant background during an operation in June 2018. The incident is known, but the prosecution has therefore dropped the case.

However, the fire brigade writes that the allegedly insulted patient is being prosecuted for insult and bodily harm. The negotiation will only take place in January 2021.

Should the suspicion of right-wing extremist statements by the firefighter be confirmed, the fire brigade wants to initiate disciplinary proceedings for a violation of the duty of conduct and neutrality. So far, the authority sees the allegations regarding the convictions as “an unproven claim”.

Another case in Bremen – racist chat group

Last week, a scandal involving right-wing extremist employees in the Bremen professional fire department caused a sensation. Firefighters are said to have posted swastikas and racist slogans in a right-wing chat group for years.

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The police searched the main accused firefighter on Tuesday on suspicion of sedition and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations. The Bremen scandal is also about alleged bullying against a lesbian firefighter with a migration background.

Bremen’s Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD) reacted energetically to the scandal. Mäurer took over the management of the fire brigade herself and appointed the ex-president of the Bremen Higher Regional Court as a special investigator for the disciplinary proceedings.

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