Weather in Germany: is the first snow coming now? Temperatures in a dive


The weather in November in Germany is uncomfortable. The temperatures are falling into the basement. Is the first snow already coming? An expert has bad news because something important is missing.

  • Weather in Germany: Temperatures are plummeting.
  • Forecast: Frost and cold determine everyday life.
  • Is there now an early onset of winter with snow?

Update from Tuesday, November 24th, 2020, 12:37 p.m .: The November is almost over – and goes into things Weather quite uncomfortable to the end. High Valentin ensures that the Temperatures in Germany slowly sink further and further into the cellar. The constant high pressure weather conditions bring in the valleys for Permanent fog or Dunstwhile it is on the Mountains sunny and mild is. The temperatures there even climb to ten degrees Celsius.

An earlier one Onset of winter With snow is currently not in view – on the contrary: it hardly falls Precipitation, the drought from the summer goes in Herbst and Winter continue. “November 2020 brought only 23 percent of the usual for the month across Germany Amounts of rain. That is an extreme downward deviation. Since we hardly expect any more precipitation in the next few days, hardly anything is likely to change in this extremely negative balance. November is coming to an end by far too dry, too warm and too sunny, ”says weather expert Dominik Jung.

weekday Forecast for the weather in Germany
Tuesday 3 to 11 degrees, overcast, hardly any sunshine, friendlier and warmer on the peaks of the low mountain ranges
Wednesday 5 to 12 degrees, a lot of haze or fog
Thursday 6 to 11 degrees, some rain, otherwise mostly gray and cloudy
Friday 4 to 9 degrees, a lot of haze or fog, sunshine in places
Saturday 4 to 8 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes thick clouds, haze or fog
Sunday 2 to 7 degrees, cooling down, gray and fresh below, blue above and sometimes significantly warmer
Monday 0 to 5 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds and haze, dry
Tuesday 1 to 7 degrees, still dry high pressure weather

Weather in Germany: is the snow coming soon? Expert with forecast

Update from Thursday, November 19, 2020, 3:20 p.m .: After a short Temperaturloch is it with that Weather in Germany on the thermometer already up again. From a real one Onset of winter Despite La Niña, nothing is in sight at the end of November. Quite the opposite: Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the Q.met weather service fears a new one Rekordwinter.

“November is so far 4.4 degrees too warm, it brought only 19 percent of the normal amount of precipitation for the month, but already 104 percent of the usual sunshine duration. In short: The month is way too warm, way too dry and so far extremely sunny, ”said Jung. Unlike the proverbial golden October, this year November brought us Weather in Germany lots of sun shine.

Is there an early onset of winter with snow? One fact speaks against it when it comes to the weather in Germany (symbol picture).

© Matthias Bein / dpa

Weather in Germany: In November still no winter in sight

The Temperatures level off at five to ten degrees over the next few days. Unlike in the past few weeks, we achieve normal temperatures for the Weather End of November in Germany. Jung predicts: “There is neither snow down to the plains, nor permafrost. The high air pressure will continue until the beginning of December. ”The 1st Advent also brings little wintry weather in Germany.

Auch die National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is the United States’ weather and oceanography agency, goes by one for this year Redordwinter out. “All months from December to February should be warmer than normal,” explains graduate meteorologist Jung to the weather portal An extremely cold winter is “extremely unlikely” for Germany.

Monday 7 to 10 degrees, mix of sun and clouds
Tuesday 7 to 12 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds
Wednesday 7 to 12 degrees, mostly dry, now and then sun
Thursday 5 to 10 degrees, sun, clouds and short showers
Friday 6 to 10 degrees, mix of sun and clouds
Saturday 6 to 9 degrees, partly cloudy, individual showers
Sunday (1st Advent) 5 to 9 degrees, slightly changeable, mix of sun and clouds

Winter is a long time coming: temperatures in Germany are far too high

First report from November 16 2020, 10:24 am: Offenbach – That Weather in Germany has probably made even the biggest weather grouch prick up their ears, because almost 20 degrees in November are even for this unusual year 2020 extreme. But this one golden november could end soon. For the coming weekend (November 20 and 21, 2020) there is already a risk of winter, some believe Forecasts. The weather expert Dominik Jung has taken a closer look at these forecasts and is a possible one Onset of winter and the “Winter of the century” on track.

Weather in Germany: a cold front is coming into the country, is winter coming? (Symbol image)

© Stan Honda / AFP

Weather in Germany: Extreme weather conditions in November

“The current is Extreme weather for November ”, emphasizes Jung in his forecast for Weather in Germany in the coming days. And the figures that the expert cites as evidence are worrying. The average values ​​in November from 1990 to 2019 were 4.8 degrees. The November 2020 so far has been a whopping 8 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday (November 15th, 2020) the Maximum temperatures in Germany almost 20 degrees. In Ohlsbach in Baden-Württemberg, temperatures climbed to 19.9 degrees, reports Wetterkontor. But Ortenau is not the only municipality in which that Weather in Germany It’s not as autumnal and cold as it is in a normal one November could be. Also in Freiburg and Offenbach the maximum temperatures were extreme, for a November 15th:

  • Ohlsbach (Baden-Württemberg): 19.9 degrees
  • Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg): 19.7 degrees
  • Andernach (Rhineland-Palatinate): 18.8 degrees
  • Lippstadt (North Rhine-Westphalia): 18.1 degrees
  • Offenbach (Hessen): 17.7 degrees

Onset of winter in Germany? Expert dares first forecast of winter weather

Yet it is in terms of things Weather in Germany soon over with the golden November? As the graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung predicts, there will be one on Monday (November 16, 2020) Cold front towards Germany. This continues with a short interruption on Wednesday (November 18th, 2020) but then until weekend by. Then the temperatures should drop properly, so they forecast by Jung. So come on Onset of winter With cold and snow towards us?

The weekend could Germany at least in some places snow bring. Because according to that Weather experts there are “massive precipitation signals” and one in the south of the country on November 20 and 21 Ingress of cold air on Saturday. In the south of Germany one can wintry weather with snow and even a blanket of snow, so the expect forecast of the expert. But only in the higher altitudes from 700 meters. With a bit of luck, some of them in the south of Germany would also be at 500 meters snowflakes fall, but one Snow cover could not form there, according to the expert.

Weekday (from November 16, 2020) Forecast for the weather in Germany
Monday Daytime highs 11 to 13 degrees / night 5 degrees
Tuesday Daytime highs 10 to 13 degrees / night 3 to 6 degrees
Wednesday Daytime highs 10 to 13 degrees / night 2 to 7 degrees
Thursday Daytime highs 9 to 12 degrees / night 0 to 5 degrees
Friday Daytime highs 6 to 8 degrees / night -4 to 0 degrees
Saturday Daytime highs 2 to 6 degrees / night -4 to 0 degrees
Sunday Daytime highs 3 to 8 degrees / night -3 to 3 degrees

Weather in Germany: is winter coming? This is what graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung says

In the middle of Germany it will be more normal November weather give, so the expert. Although it could snow a little at higher altitudes from 800 meters, it would only be isolated snowflakes. Unfortunately, these have not yet reached the lower elevations in central Germany. The great winter of the century will most likely threaten Germany next weekend so not yet. The weather expert also emphasizes this at the end of his forecast with the words: “The really big one Onset of winter is not in sight next weekend. ”(Sophia Lother / Christian Weihrauch).

List of rubric lists: © Matthias Bein / dpa

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