Weather in Germany: will winter 2020/21 be extreme? Expert is committed


Will the weather in Germany in winter 2020/21 really be as extreme as some experts fear. A meteorologist is now speaking plainly.

  • Weather in Germany: Is there a Winter the extreme?
  • To blame for this predicted phenomenon is too little ice in the Arctic his.
  • One meteorologist finds clear words about this forecast.

Offenbach – For many people in Germany winter is an exciting season: you hope for snow an Christmas eve, want to go on a sleigh ride with the kids and like to watch them To build a snowman to. But in the past few years it was Weather Much too mild for the cold season. Now some experts are forecasting Weather extremes in the winter 2020/ 21. Blame it on the small one Ice surface in the Arctic his. But what is it about the forecast? One meteorologist finds clear words.

Weather in Germany: do disturbed polar eddies worry about extremes in winter?

The Arctic gets the Climate change in any case currently felt violently. There was an end there October So little in 2020 ice like never since the beginning of October Weather observation. This year there are around six million square kilometers, the average at this time of the year was always eight million square kilometers. Only once did it look worse: 2012 there was less ice there than in any other month. The difference to the current situation, however, is that the ice began to grow rapidly in October and clearly exceeded the current low.

Weather in winter in Germany: records at a glance

Coldest winters Average temperature compared to the climate mean
1963 -5.5 Grad
1940 -5 Grad
1929 -4.9 Grad
1947 -4.5 Grad
1942 -3.9 degrees (source: Kachelmannwetter)
Warmest winters Average temperature compared to the climate mean
2007 4.4 Grad
2020 4.2 Grad
1975 3.6 Grad
1990 3.6 Grad
2016 3.6 degrees (source: Kachelmannwetter)

But that is exactly the problem this year. While the ice in the Arctic usually grows rapidly from October, there will be almost no new ice in 2020. This is mainly due to the fact that it was far too warm in the Arctic this year and is still too warm. The temperature in the northern latitudes is this year four degrees Celsius above the climate mean. That is tremendous value and it leads to that water not cooling enough.

Weather in winter in Germany: Ice in the Arctic has an impact

But what impact does this scenario have on that Weather im Winter in Germany? The experts at predict that the low spread of the Sea ice the activity of the Polarwirbels is disturbed. A strong polar vortex usually stands for a mild winter; a weakened polar vortex can mean Weather extremes to care.

How will the weather be in winter in Germany? Will there be more extremes in 2020/21 due to insufficient ice in the Arctic? A meteorologist checks the forecast and finds clear words (symbolic image).

© Ulf Mauder / dpa

“What influence that ice in the Arctic on our winter cannot be said for sure. You can’t say whether it has any influence at all, ”explains the qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal He had already raved when many experts had predicted a winter of the century because of the La Niña climate phenomenon.

Weather in Germany: record winter threatens – expert has shock forecast

The weather in winter in Germany is heading towards a record winter. Jung had one in this regard “Shock prognosis” for all Winter friends spoken, because the Winter should be record-breaking warm. Either December, January as well as February should be warmer than in the climate mean. The American weather service forecast in his Long-term model a positive deviation of 2 degrees Celsius for December, 3 to 4 degrees Celsius in January and 2 to 3 degrees Celsius in February.

“I can’t talk about anything anymore. These are long-term Weather forecastswhich have been created according to the latest scientific knowledge. And there is nothing to interpret into it. That’s the way it is, ”says Jung. One Winter With Weather extremes or even one Winter of the century it will be according to current Predictions to not give. (Christian incense)

Rubriklistenbild: © Ulf Mauder

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