Wedding at first sight: Norbert falls in love, but Wiebke doesn’t give the marriage a chance


While “wedding at first sight” groom Norbert falls head over heels in love with Wiebke, the bride is more reserved – and shocks with her statements.

What’s going on this year with “Wedding at First Sight”? Lisa (30) and Michael (35), Robert (36) and Emily (25), Wiebke (52) and Norbert (59) – all of them sparkled brighter than the final fireworks of the wedding when they first met. But this fire also went out at least as quickly. This week (November 25th) the crack in the young marriage of Wiebke and Norbert was discussed – with terrifying statements.


Wedding at first sight
Bride Lisa reveals the secret: That’s why she knows her groom Michael
It was the surprise of the “Wedding at First Sight” preview. The bridal couple Lisa and Michael already know each other. Now you know where from.

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Does the third marriage for HadeB couple Wiebke and Norbert also fail?

It is marriage number three for both of them. It should be forever. Groom Norbert would also find that really strong, he quickly described his wife as a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10. He is blown away by the distinctive blonde. But this is Nordic cool and is already starting to look for the faults in her husband. Too jealous, too quick-tempered? Wiebke doesn’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic about her policeman husband, nothing happened.

Do you still remember Sascha, who was “abandoned” immediately after saying yes? He has slimmed down a lot and we show you the before and after shots in the video:

Impressive!  Spectator favorite Sascha has clearly lost weight

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No marital happiness with a “wedding at first sight”?

In the final interview of the honeymoon, both are interviewed separately. While Norbert falls more and more in love with Wiebke and admits this openly, it comes out of her rather hesitantly. At the current time of filming, she believes her blind date wedding has only a 20 percent chance of surviving. A slap in the face for Norbert, who would do anything for the well-being of his wife.


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