Weekly horoscope Capricorn: your horoscope week from November 30th – 06.12.2020


Weekly horoscope Capricorn from November 30th – 06.12.2020 | Horoscope of week 49: Everything for love, work and health. ✓ free ✓ for men & women | DAY24

What does the horoscope week from November 30th, 2020 to December 6th, 2020 have in store for your zodiac sign? Find out in your free Weekly horoscope for the zodiac sign Capricorn more from the areas of love, health and finance for the zodiac sign Capricorn.
Here you can find even more cosmic inspiration:
Love and partnership

It is now time to clear up any disorder. You now have the particular courage to quickly break off undesirable developments. Do not run away from the day-to-day chores that are a burden to you. This can cause you difficulties. Beware of assuming you own your partner. Be careful with it, because the Eros planets irradiate you favorably. A flirtation can now become more. A solid partnership can deepen your intimate relationship even more.

health and fitness

In terms of health, you feel a little attacked, but that is currently no cause for concern. Treat yourself to more relaxation and recreation in your free time. You have already reached the limit of your resilience, nothing more is possible. Allow yourself a lot of sleep, then you will stay in a good mood. You should better manage your energy in order to benefit healthily in the long term.

Job and finance

A little more fairness in dealing with colleagues would suit you very well. Your behavior slowly contributes to an uncomfortable working atmosphere. Keep listening to what you are told confidentially. Your imagination knows no bounds, and you hate normal everyday tasks. Make quick decisions, because everything is going particularly well now.

Avoid discussion in the workplace. The danger is that you will be too eager and lose out.

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