Weekly horoscope Libra: Your horoscope week from November 30th – 06.12.2020


Weekly horoscope Libra from November 30th – 06.12.2020 | Horoscope of week 49: Everything for love, work and health. ✓ free ✓ for men & women | DAY24

What impact will the stars have on your zodiac sign Libra this week? In our free Horoscope week From November 30, 2020 to December 6, 2020 you will find out everything about your zodiac sign Libra and what you can expect in the areas of love, finances and health. Find out more in your Weekly horoscope for the zodiac sign Libra.
Here is some more cosmic advice for all zodiac signs:
Love and partnership

A topic does not let you and your partner rest. Only openness will bring you further now. Get this right as soon as possible. Even a small thank you can work wonders. Now you have to look after your treasure for some idiosyncrasies. You are in a good mood, energetic and open to a new love.

health and fitness

The pressure in the head eases, breathing becomes easier again, there are hardly any problems. You are a spontaneous and active person, but now it can be a little too much for you. Show the world what you really feel. You long for harmony strongly, do something for it! In the next few days you will be particularly resilient mentally and physically.

Job and finance

Follow instructions even if you don’t always see them. You prefer to work calmly and without time pressure. In order for it to stay that way, you may have to change your previous workflow. There is a risk of minor friction with colleagues.

Do not submit, but do not try to get your head around either. You are very loaded. Don’t shoot your powder prematurely.

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