Wendler: “DSDS” star makes a song about him – the network celebrates it


Mike Leon Grosch has sung a parody of Wendler. Image: screenshot instagram

“DSDS” star with a song about Wendler – the network celebrates him

Michael Wendler caused a lot of head shaking with his actions lately. One who doesn’t feel like shaking his head is the “DSDS” finalist Mike Leon Grosch. Without further ado, he recorded a song about the pop singer, a so-called Disstrack. In which he makes fun of Wendler, who has mutated into a conspiracy oath. His song is well received on the internet.

Grosch refrains from insulting the hit star or reviling him with swear words. Instead, he chooses a more elegant weapon: irony.

Among other things, the song says:

Grosch continues to sing, he would also rather be a Wendler and flee from his creditors. The chorus is based on a famous movie song: “I would like to be like you” from the jungle book special track.

At Grosch it sounds like this: “Oh dubidu, I would like to be like you / Will understand like you, see it like you, uh-uh.”

His Wendler song is well received, both on Instagram and on TikTok. Grosch first posted it on the latter platform.

Wendler himself has not yet commented on the song. No wonder, since he is busy uncovering two major conspiracies on his Telegram channel: the supposedly fake US election and the supposedly non-existent pandemic. Maybe he should just sing again.



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