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Laura Müller, Michael Wendler’s wife, now has to look for a new manager.

Now Laura Müller is also rid of her manager! Markus Krampe has ended the collaboration with the 20-year-old. The reason is the bizarre conspiracy theories that her husband Michael Wendler spreads on Instagram and Telegram.

No clear statement from Laura

Laura never really took a stand on her husband’s opinions, but Krampe’s neutral stance is still a problem. “The current situation and the lack of a clear position on the part of Laura on the statements / postings of Michael Wendler force me to make this decision,” the ex-manager writes on his Instagram account. Although he understands that the influencer wants to stick with her husband, it is not a good decision for her career.

Krampe continues: “I give her great credit for standing by her husband’s side at the moment, but I, and certainly many others, would have hoped that she would position / distance herself more clearly from Michael’s statements.”

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