Wendlers now on his own: Manager also throws Laura down


“Stand by your man”, Tammy Wynette once sang – and had to defend this song all her life. Laura Müller also stands by her “sweetheart” Michael. Reason for respect for Manager Krampe, but also an occasion to reorganize their own portfolio. Wynette later had another hit with DIVORCE.
The farewell to hit star Michael Wendler in the world of conspiracy myths and corona deniers now also has consequences for his young wife Laura. Her manager Markus Krampe announced on Instagram that he was “ending the collaboration with Laura Müller”. Previously, he had already turned away from Wendler, whom he had also looked after as a manager.

As a justification for Müller’s refusal, Krampe said a clear position on the “statements / postings by Michael Wendler are forcing me to make this decision”. Although he gives Laura “great credit for standing by her husband’s side at this time”. However, “I would have hoped, and certainly many others too, that she would position herself / distance herself more clearly from Michael’s statements”. He regretted “having to make this decision”. Ultimately, he wishes Wendler and Müller “all the best for their future together and, above all, a lot of strength for the coming period”.

Michael Wendler had accused television in a statement at the beginning of October of being “aligned”. He later withdrew this accusation and apologized for it. The broadcaster RTL, which was planning several projects with Wendler or was already implementing them, was unimpressed and did not return to a cooperation. Wendler had opened his own Telegram channel in which he posts videos and statements on things that are important from his point of view. In the beginning, he had sided with the avowed right-wing extremist and corona denier Attila Hildmann.

The 20-year-old Müller from Tangermünde in Saxony-Anhalt works as an influencer. She caused a sensation with Playboy recordings at the beginning of the year as well as her participation in the RTL show “Let’s dance”, where she finished 6th a month later. Wendler should actually participate in the current season of DSDS. This and the accompaniment of his wedding with Müller on TV were deleted after the allegations became known.

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