WhatsApp: Warning, lousy scam! Numbers with a message from someone you know can cause great damage


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Warning, nasty scam! A WhatsApp message from a friend can lead to the loss of your WhatsApp account. The content of the message is always similar.

  • There is currently one Scam via the messenger service WhatsApp in circulation.
  • The deceptive one message reaches the user via chat with a Acquaintances – or even best friend.
  • In the end you lose your own WhatsApp account. The cheater can great damage dish up.

Munich – The Messenger-App „WhatsApp“, which is now part of the American Facebook group, is for many people the Communication path Number one. It is all the more annoying when your own chat account suddenly blocked is. Even more annoying when you know that Scammers have their fingers in the game.

WhatsApp: Warning, lousy number with a message from a friend

The latter is currently across several portals warned. According to media reports is currently one fraudulent message on WhatsApp in circulation, which has it all. In the end, your own account could even be in the Hands of scammers reach. Everything starts with a Whatsapp message from you Acquaintances or even that best friend, as oe24.at reported.

WhatsApp: Warning, lousy number with a message from a friend – a code is required

“Hello, sorry, I accidentally gave you one 6-digit code via SMS cleverly. Can you please pass it on to me It’s urgent, ”is the message, for example. Sent by a familiar contact – but his WhatsApp account has already been hacked. In the same way as that Scammers tried again, explains the consumer portal chip.de.

WhatsApp: Fraudulent scam via a friend – code sent by SMS

Indeed hits Seconds later a code via SMS. You usually need this to be Whatsapp account with the associated mobile number set up on your own smartphone – also known as “verification”. This is what the fraudster tries to do with the scam: On his Handy, with your number and the Codethat he absolutely needs.

WhatsApp: journalist and book author warns of the scam – further crimes could follow

According to the Journalist Mirko Drotschmann alias MrWissen2Go it is best not to react to this message at all, otherwise it would be Account path. Chip.de explains which serious consequences then could occur: “The takeover of the WhatsApp account […] serves to prepare further Criminal offenses. Since the fraudsters can impersonate you, these accounts are usually used to commit further crimes. Often it is about fraud, with a high financial damages arises. “If you have already fallen for the scam, the consumer portal has provided useful immediate measures on the homepage.

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