While playing with his dog: Biden injured his foot


In the US presidential election campaign, incumbent Trump makes fun of the age and health of his challenger Biden. The 78-year-old has now been chosen as the winner of the election – but he is injured: Biden played with his German Shepherd.
US President-elect Joe Biden injured himself playing with his dog. The 78-year-old suffered a small fracture in his right foot, his doctor said, according to a message from Biden’s office. Accordingly, Biden will probably have to wear medical shoes for several weeks.

According to Biden’s office, the Democrat injured his ankle when he slipped while playing with his German shepherd Major on Saturday. Before Biden’s doctor visit, his team had announced an examination by an orthopedic surgeon “as a precautionary measure”.

The computed tomography (CT) have “confirmed hairline (small) fractures in the metatarsus,” said the doctor Kevin O’Connor during his examination, as the statement emerged. The doctor added that Biden “will likely need an orthopedic boot for several weeks”.

Biden’s German Shepherd Major is a trained rescue dog. Biden and his wife Jill brought the dog from the shelter in 2018. Major will be the first rescue dog in the White House, according to the Biden team. The Democrat has another German Shepherd: Champ has been with the Bidens since 2008.

Dogs in the White House have a long history. Barack Obama had the Portuguese water dog Bo, George W. Bush the Scottish Terrier Barney, and Bill Clinton the Labrador Buddy. Donald Trump is the first US president in more than a century without a dog. Biden is due to be sworn in as the new US President on January 20th.

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