Whirl around Hafenecker after meeting in inn in Lower Austria – Coronavirus –


Incident when picking up food by Hafenecker
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According to a report in the “Kronen Zeitung” newspaper, the FPÖ member Christian Hafenecker was reported on Saturday after a meeting in an inn in Kaumberg (Lilienfeld district) under the Covid 19 Measures Act. The police had broken up a meeting of nine people and reported all participants. The State Police Department of Lower Austria confirmed such an incident to the APA, but it was impossible to say who was involved.

FPÖ General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz spoke on Sunday of an incident involving a “pickup by FPÖ MP Hafenecker in an inn in his home community in Lower Austria”. Hafenecker is sorry “if he has not complied with the applicable regulations to the letter”. The matter is done for the FPÖ.

Should Hafenecker, who according to Krone ordered a beer, a pea soup and a schnitzel, should be punished, he would check the legal basis for it. The advice is also given to everyone “who is asked to make payments due to the constitutionally highly questionable regulations,” said Schnedlitz.

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