Windows 10 21H2: Microsoft plant Design-Update


Officially, you don’t hear anything from Microsoft on this topic, but according to rumors, the optics update should be ready in 2021 and be available in autumn. It has not yet been determined whether there will be two Windows 10 updates in 2021. So it could be that Windows 10 21H2 will be a design update or Microsoft will push the whole thing until 2022.

There should be a new look in the following areas:

Start menu: The look of the start menu was only adjusted with the Windows 10 October update, but that wasn’t it yet. Apparently Microsoft is working on the effects used and rounded corners could also be an issue. One of the leaked images shows a search in the transparent fluent design.
Taskbar: Allegedly the code of the taskbar is to be renovated more extensively, which should also be important with regard to the tablet surface. Details are not known, but Windows fans naturally dream of features such as the centered start button like in Windows 10X or the transparent taskbar, which you still have to set yourself with additional tools today.

Info-Center: Many users ignore the information center, as it is quite bulky into the field of vision. There has been a rumor for a long time that the whole thing should be more modular and therefore more lightweight.

Explorer: The Explorer has not received any great new features for a long time, the surface could certainly be tuned here. The direction is clear, users should no longer be overwhelmed with options.

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