Winter has ice and snow in its luggage: it gets slippery here


Warning of acute slipperiness
Winter has ice and snow in its luggage

This year, winter rises in time for its meteorological start with icy temperatures. The mix of snow and rain is particularly explosive. Because that could increasingly lead to black ice. From a meteorological point of view, winter begins on Tuesday. And he seems to be very specific this year, doesn’t he?

Björn Alexander: Definitely. Because after the coldest night of the season so far, there is now also a low. A quite explosive weather situation, which is sometimes accompanied by acute slippery conditions.

What dangers await us?

In the evening and at night, a band of clouds with snow and rain shifts from the northwest to the south. On the frozen ground with a sometimes considerable risk of slipperiness. On the one hand through the snow, on the other hand through black ice.

Where does it get most dangerous?

The greatest danger is from the low mountain ranges to the south. So in the Eifel, Sauerland, Harz and Thuringian Forest down to the Black Forest, Swabian Alb and Alps. In the lower elevations through freezing rain and black ice. As soon as it goes into the slightly higher areas, mostly snow falls.

What amounts of snow do we have to expect?

Depending on the altitude, 5 to 15 centimeters of fresh snow can be expected. In part, maybe about it. This is especially true in congestion.

What is the exact winter and slippery timetable?

The snow, rain and slippery band reaches Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Thuringia by midnight. Even further east, smoothness is also conceivable. The precipitation is generally rather limited in the east.

And subsequently?

ntv meteorologist Björn Alexander

(Photo: ntv)

If the snow and black ice move further south, it can be very slippery and maybe even chaotic during rush hour on Tuesday, especially in the south of our country. The area from southern Rhineland-Palatinate via Hesse and northern Bavaria down to the south from Baden-Württemberg to the Allgäu will be particularly affected.

When does the situation ease?

That will be around noon. Then we hardly expect freezing rain or snow. Before that, however, the road holding is absolutely suitable for winter, so that all the tips of the experts when driving a car apply again.

Which winter tips are these?

In addition to tires that are suitable for winter, which the law also specifies for snow and ice, it is important to always have the tank more than sufficient in order to bridge longer traffic jams. A blanket and hot drinks are also recommended for longer waiting times. And for the Upper Black Forest or the Alpine region, it is advisable to have snow chains with you for the winter anyway.

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