With victory: Steffen breaks record at “Grill den Henssler”


He is back! On Sunday, Steffen Henssler (48) ventured back behind the stove despite a buttock injury – with success. In the latest issue of Grill den Henssler, the TV chef ran against his challengers reality star Tobias Wegener (27), Oliver (42) and Amira Pocher (28) and Oli’s ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (37) in top form . Although the celebrities triumphed with delicious dishes, caught up Steffen victory by nine points. He even broke his current record.

After three defeats in a row, the 48-year-old wins the 15th “Grill den Henssler” episode with 109 to 100 points. The celebrity chef only gave a kitchen competition and dessert to his opponents. As soon as the announcement is made, the dessert makes Steffen sweat. Pocher’s ex-wife Sandy beat the kitchen king with her vegan sweet potato brownie and avocado chocolate mousse. The kitchen gladiator won all other cooking courses and games.

Although the celebrities didn’t get most of the points, they were still able to inspire the jury with their cooking skills and achieved a three-digit rating. As always, the “Grill den Henssler” jury trio Mirja Boes (49), Christian Rach (63) and Reiner Calmund (72) evaluated the dishes from Steffen and its prominent challengers.

Steffen Henssler and Laura Wontorra at “Grill den Henssler”
Tobias Wegener, Oli & Amira Pocher, Alessandra Meyer-Wölden at “Grill den Henssler”
Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Amira and Oliver Pocher, Tobias Wegener at “Grill den Henssler”

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