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Woman gives birth to baby with Covid-19 antibodies


Did pregnant women transfer antibodies to baby?

During a trip to Europe in March, pregnant Celine Ng-Chan from Singapore contracted the corona virus. At the beginning of November, her baby was born – without Covid-19, but with antibodies in the blood.

Half a family was infected while on vacation in Europe

Her son Aldrin was born in November without Covid-19 and carries antibodies against the virus, reports the Straits Times. Accordingly, the 31-year-old Celine Ng-Chan was infected in March when she was pregnant with her second child. The family got infected while on a family vacation in Europe.

While Ng-Chan’s husband and father remained healthy, she, her mother, and her daughter became ill. The 58-year-old mother even had to be artificially ventilated for 29 days. Ng-Chan and their two-year-old daughter Aldrina, on the other hand, were able to leave the hospital after two and a half weeks because they showed only weak symptoms.

“I wasn’t afraid that Aldrin would get Covid-19”

At the time of the Covid-19 diagnosis, Ng-Chan was 10 weeks pregnant. Doctors still know little about the effects of infections in early pregnancy and the long-term consequences mother and child can expect. In random samples, newborns of mothers with a severe Covid-19 course were infected, but did not become ill themselves.

“I wasn’t afraid that Aldrin would get Covid-19 when I read that the risk of transmission is very low,” Ng-Chan told the newspaper. However, after the birth it was found that antibodies to Covid-19 were detected in the baby’s blood. In contrast, there were no more Covid 19 antibodies in the mother’s blood. “My doctor suspects that I transferred my Covid-19 antibodies to him during my pregnancy,” said Ng-Chan.

The case gives new evidence of a possible transmission of the virus from mother to child, the report said. According to the WHO, it is not yet known whether a woman can transmit the virus to her fetus or baby during pregnancy or delivery.

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