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With the Redeemed Souls you expand your pact features in WoW Shadowlands. Apparently there are only five souls per week. We’ll show you how you can get redeemed souls in the future and how long you need 5 souls per week until your pact features are fully developed.

In addition to anima and soul ashes, players collect the redeemed souls in the endgame of WoW Shadowlands. Unlike the other two resources, however, the souls are few and far between and are not collected in hundreds or thousands of times as much. As it has since crystallized, there are a maximum of 5 redeemed souls per week.

Receive redeemed souls

After the campaign quest News of Hope, you can only get Redeemed Souls via a weekly quest in the Maw. Otherwise there is currently no way to collect the souls. Also, you cannot trick the system by changing pacts. For example, if you get your five souls through the Venthyr Pact campaign and then switch to the Necrolords, you will not get 2x 5 souls, but stay at 5 for this ID.

What redeemed souls spend on

The endgame resource is used to expand the various features of your pact. These are, for example, the animal leader, your teleportation system in the respective zone, the various minigames such as The Gluthof (Venthyr), the Queen’s Conservatory (Nachtfae) and so on.

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You need so many redeemed souls

Since the collecting of redeemed souls is timegated as mentioned, you need a long time until you have completely expanded your pact features. As Venthyr, for example, we need 31 redeemed souls for the complete expansion of our travel network, 31 for the animal leader, 31 for the expansion of the command table and a total of 150 souls to fully upgrade our mini game The Emberhof. For the Gluthof alone we would need 30 weeks (if we diligently collect souls every week). This leads us to suspect that further sources will be added later on, from which we receive redeemed souls. So far it remains at 5 per week.


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