Xbox games for iOS: Microsoft relies on the browser


Microsoft does not intend to pay the usual app store commission for its game service Apple. Phil Spencer, vice president for gaming at the group, made this last week in an interview with the American IT blog The Verge clear. He understood Apple’s perspective from their position. “I can’t say I agree, but they have a competing product for Xbox Game Pass with Apple Arcade.”

Apple wants to be “the only game content subscription service on your phone”. But Microsoft wants to use all devices and is therefore “for open access to services that customers want”. Microsoft’s solution to the problem is the browser. “We have this path that works for us and we will develop it.” So get the Xbox Game Pass “Access to many devices”. It is sufficient if a device can run a “capable web browser” – and this is known to be the case with Apple’s Safari, where even current game controllers are to be supported in the future.

Microsoft would have to give 30 percent of the revenue in the App Store to Apple if the regular route was used. Apple recently halved the commission for certain developers – but Microsoft is unlikely to hit this. The maximum amount that can be wagered is one million US dollars without commission. Microsoft is striving for significantly more.

On the question of how the software giant deals with the issue of commissions from developers, Spencer spoke to The Verge Likewise. In fact, the company also charges fees similar to Apple or Google to distribute software. To explain, Spencer said that the platforms are simply different sizes and the business models are different.

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For example, one could sell a game console over its lifespan, perhaps 200 million pieces – less than smartphones are sold each year. In addition, Microsoft is selling the devices “at a loss”, which is why the device has to be recovered via content and services. The model is “very, very different” than Windows, iOS or Android.


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