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XXL assets! That’s how rich Konny & Manu Reimann are


“Goodbye Germany” made them a cult

In 2006 Konny Reimann (65) emigrated to Texas with his family. The Reimanns were accompanied during their restart by the VOX reality documentary “Goodbye Germany” and later even received their own television format with “The Reimanns – an extraordinary life”. Now the secret of their success has been revealed – because the Reimanns are super rich!

The Reimanns fortune: hard work and a little luck

Since their restart in the USA, the Reimanns have achieved a lot. In Texas they not only built their own home on a ranch, but also invested in their own vacation resort “Konny Island”. Konny and Manu have been living in Hawaii since 2015 and also have some holiday homes there. The Reimanns present themselves to the German audience again and again not only in their own program, but also in numerous TV appearances. Konny and Manuela Reimann’s recipe for success is based on hard work and that certain spark of luck that television discovered them.

Konny and Manu Reimann are and will remain down to earth

Despite advertising deals and numerous TV appearances, the Reimanns have remained down to earth. It is her go-it-yourself morality that makes her so popular with the audience: Konny prefers to paint the house or build a pool instead of hiring a company for a lot of money. The family lives frugally – and it pays off! As the “Berliner Kurier” now reveals, the fortunes of Konny and Manuela Reimann are now said to amount to an impressive 2 million euros. So the hard work has definitely paid off.

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