You can still do it – Vaduz and Lucerne take their first wins of the season


Floodlight in the fog: the Vaduz Rheinparkstadion directly on the eponymous river. Image: keystone

You can still do it – Vaduz and Lucerne take their first wins of the season

Vaduz – Sion 4: 1

Breathe a sigh of relief in Ländle: FC Vaduz celebrates its first full success in the seventh game of the season. A strong quarter of an hour after the break made the difference against FC Sion.

Tunahan Cicek opened the skore with a dream goal. The 28-year-old from eastern Switzerland thundered the ball from the half-right from seven meters volley into the crossbar:

The Valais had to cope with the injury-related loss of star striker Guillaume Hoarau a little later. With a header from almost two meters tall Latvian Roberts Uldrikis after a corner, Sion was able to equalize four minutes before the break.

And this break was still going on in the minds of the Sion players when the referee restarted the game. Not a minute had been played when Pius Dorn nailed the ball into the goal with a heavy weight via the lower edge of the slat. Goalie Kevin Fickentscher had as little chance against the shot of the 24-year-old German, who was trained in the SC Freiburg youth team, as when he conceded the first goal.

A short time later, with a double strike, the Liechtensteiners took a decisive lead. Initially, Cicek was spot on to dust off after a shot from Dejan Dokic that was blocked by Fickentscher. And four minutes later Mohamed Coulibaly came in a corner five meters in front of the goal pretty unrestricted to the header. An hour was played and Sion was 4: 1 at a distance.

The goal scorer caught through the goal net: Cicek (left) cheers with teammate Gajic. Image: keystone

As a result, Sion was no longer able to turn the lever. The Valais only have one win after seven games. How long will President Christian Constantin have patience with his coach Fabio Grosso, the 2006 world champion?

Vaduz – Sion 4: 1 (1: 1)
Rheinparkstadion. – SR Dudic.
Tore: 23. Cicek (Djokic) 1: 0. 41. Uldrikis (Tosetti) 1: 1. 46. ​​Dorn (Gajic) 2: 1. 55. Cicek (Djokic) 3: 1. 59. Coulibaly (Corner Gajic) 4: 1.
Vaduz: Büchel; Schmied, Schmid, Simani (84. Rahimi); Dorn, Gajic, Wieser (84. Gasser), Hug; Cicek (80. Di Giusto); Coulibaly (65. Sutter), Djokic (80. Prokopic).
Sion: Fickentscher; Tosetti (60. Abdellaoui), Bamert, Ndoye, Iapichino; André (46. Wakatsuki), Serey Die (76. Baltazar), Araz; Clemenza; Uldrikis (76. Gaëtan Karlen), Hoarau (29. Kasha).
Remarks: Vaduz without Lüchinger (suspended) and Obexer (injured), Sion without Andersson, Kabashi and Luan (all injured). Warnings: 16. Hoarau (foul). 48. Uldrikis (foul). 66. Simani (unsportsmanlike conduct). 66. Serey Die (unsportsmanlike conduct). 84. Gasser (foul). 90.Baltazar (foul).

Servette – Lucerne 1: 3

Like Vaduz, FC Luzern was finally able to celebrate its first win of the season. In Geneva, Louis Schaub was the outstanding player. The 25-year-old Austrian scored the opening goal and prepared the two other goals in Lucerne.

Lucerne’s victory was deserved. Schaub scored in the 23rd minute – and the FCL double after 23 minutes in the second half. Dejan Sorgic hit with a Hechtköpfler after Schaub’s flank from the left.

Lucerne’s match winner: Louis Schaub (left). Image: keystone

After Servette’s interim connecting goal by Steve Rouiller after a corner kick, it only took two minutes for Lucerne to lead again with two goals difference. This time Schaub ran with the ball at his foot to the baseline and passed Ibrahima Ndiaye, who was free in the middle, who scored in the 79th minute.

Servette had to let Lucerne and Vaduz overtake them and is the new bottom of the Super League. Geneva have been without a win for five games.

Servette – Lucerne 1: 3 (0: 1)
Geneva stadium. – SR San.
Tore: 23. Schaub (Sorgic) 0:1. 68. Sorgic (Schaub) 0:2. 77. Rouiller 1:2. 79. Ndiaye (Schaub) 1:3.
Servette: Frick; Diallo (75. Sauthier), Rouiller, Sasso (57. Kyei), Mendy; Valls (64. Cespedes), Ondoua; Imeri (57. Stevanovic), Cognat, Fofana (75. Schalk); Kone.
Luzern: Müller; Sidler (85. Schwegler), Lucas, Knezevic, Frydek; Noon (46. Ndenge), Schulz; Tasar (61. Ndiaye), Schaub, Ugrinic; Sorgic (83. Alounga).
Remarks: Servette without Henchoz (injured) and Antunes (family reasons), Lucerne without Carbonell (suspended) and Binous and Burch (both injured). Warnings: 16. Diallo (foul). 35. Sorgic (foul). 37. Knezevic (foul). 49. Mendy (foul). 69.Sidler (foul). 93. Kone (foul). 93. Müller (unsportsmanlike conduct). (ram / sda)

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