19 – Scientists call for a change in strategy in Europe


Renowned scientists have called on governments in Europe to commit to common goals in dealing with the corona pandemic.

In a position paper for the specialist newspaper “The Lancet”, the researchers criticize the fact that the different approaches in the countries have repeatedly enabled the virus to spread. If a country takes far-reaching containment measures, but its neighboring country does not, there is a threat of a “ping-pong game” of new imports.

The experts therefore propose a “synchronized” containment strategy with extremely low guide values. They advocate a maximum of ten new infections per day per million inhabitants. Converted to Germany, that would be seven cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week. The current incidence is currently (December 19th) around 190 – with an increasing trend. In order to be able to maintain a low level in the long term, sufficient test capacities of at least 300 tests per day per million inhabitants are necessary, the scientists emphasize.

The position paper was signed by around 300 researchers, including the virologist Drosten, RKI President Wieler and the economist and IFO boss Fuest.

This message was broadcast on December 19, 2020 on Deutschlandfunk.

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