90th birthday of Sepp Forcher: ORF program focus with a new film portrait “Sepp and Helli” and numerous documentaries


From December 12th on ORF 2 and ORF III

Vienna (OTS) After 200 editions of the legendary ORF series “Klingendes Österreich”, Sepp Forcher retired this year, and on December 17, 2020, the audience favorite will be 90 years old. The ORF congratulates on the birthday with a program focus on ORF 2 and ORF III. On the anniversary day, ORF 2 brings the new film portrait produced by ORF Styria “Sepp and Helli – Die Forchers very personally” with conversations between the celebrity and his wife, with whom he has been married for 65 years, as well as music and impressive landscapes. Forcher will be celebrated on ORF III from December 12th: The program includes two TV evenings with documentaries about Forcher’s commitment as a mediator of Austrian traditions and customs.

TV premiere “Sepp and Helli – Die Forchers very personally” on December 17th on ORF 2

2020 – an anniversary year for the Forchers: In spring the 200th edition of the program “Klingendes Österreich” was broadcast, Helli Forcher celebrated her 90th birthday in May, and Sepp Forcher will be 90 on December 17th.
“Klingendes Österreich” director Elisabeth Eisner and the Styrian production team have used opportunities over the past ten years to film the couple in various situations during conversations. And so they talk in “Sepp and Helli – Die Forchers in person” on Thursday, December 17th, at 9:05 pm on ORF 2 about getting to know each other, mountaineering and their wedding. Common interests, such as the love of stones and classical music, are just as much content as religion and belief or food and drink. The conversations also let the audience participate in how views and insights have changed over the years. The constant affection and appreciation of the two 90-year-olds are firmly anchored. Surrounded by landscape shots as well as classical music and folk music, the film provides a very personal insight into topics that move Helli and Sepp.

From December 12th: “Sounding Austria”, “André Hellers Menschenkinder”, further portraits and documentaries on ORF III

At the start of the program focus on ORF III, “Sounding Austria: Christmas in Pongau” (2:55 p.m.) can be seen on Saturday, December 12th: Sepp Forcher undertakes a Christmas hike through the Salzburg region where he spent his youth .
A whole ORF III evening is dedicated to the jubilee on Wednesday, December 16, from 8.15 p.m. On the documentary “Mein Lebensberg – Sepp Forcher und der Großglockner” produced by ORF Styria about the powerful, fateful and touching bond of Sepp Forcher with Austria’s highest mountain, follows the two-part “Cultural Landscape Austria” (from 9:20 pm). In it, Forcher visits other iconic places in the country. The evening closes with the “Heimat Österreich” portrait “Sepp Forcher – My Life” (11 p.m.), in which not only Forcher himself but also companions have their say.

ORF III will present a second birthday evening on Friday, December 18, starting with an edition of “André Hellers Menschenkinder” with Sepp Forcher (8:15 pm). In a very personal conversation, he talks about his childhood during the war in Salzburg’s Pongau, his job as a hut manager on the Grossglockner and his calling as a mediator of traditions on Austrian television. Then there are two two-part documentaries on the program: from 9:25 p.m. shows “Sepp Forcher: My favorite places”, then it goes “Through the country with Sepp Forcher” (from 11:05 p.m.).

Furthermore, ORF III will show on Saturday, December 19, in an edition of Forcher’s legendary series “Austria Sounds: Christmas in the Salzkammergut” (5.35 p.m.), followed by Dacapo “My Mountain of Life – Sepp Forcher and the Grossglockner” (7.10 p.m.).

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