A telling picture: fans of “Bauer sucht Frau” couple have suspicions


Farmer Denise and candidate “ Farmer Seeks Wife” candidate Nils are now a couple. Image: screenshot instagram.com/nilsdwortzak

First dumped, now in a relationship: fans speculate about the engagement of the “ Bauer sucht Frau” couple

With Bauer sucht Frau” there was a lot going on in the season that recently ended. After the court week, two candidates came together with previously spurned love aspirants. Young farmer Patrick is now turtling with nude model Antonia and Horse host Denise decided in retrospect for Nilsthat she had initially sent home before the court week.

In the second attempt, things seem to go well for both couples. Perhaps so good that the question of all questions has already been asked? At least that’s what the fans suspect in the case of Denise and Nils.

A few days ago, the two announced the happy love message on Instagram and have since posted several new couple pictures and expressions of love. A photo attracts special attention with a detail. Denise is sitting on a gate, her lover is standing at the side behind her, has put his hands on her thighs and adores her. Her hand is demonstratively on his. One thing has not escaped the fans: Both wear strikingly similar silver rings on their fingers. For some followers there is a guess: the two got engaged!

Fans congratulate the “ Bauer sucht Frau” couple on the alleged engagement

Congratulations on the engagement”, writes a follower under Nils Post – and is not alone. Others, however, hold back with congratulations and first ask: “ Do you see two engagement rings?” or “partner or engagement rings?”

Denise and Nils leave these questions unanswered. But maybe the hashtags under his post say more than 1000 words. They are namely love and forward and forever.

Denise also posted a photo on her account at the same time and wrote: “ Thank you for every single moment with you, thank you for standing by my side, thank you for being there, thank you for your understanding, thank you for loving me.” However, she says nothing about an engagement.

One thing is certain, however: the two have already moved in together. This is also indicated by a photo of the now shared mailbox.


Bauer sucht Frau” candidate after love chaos: “ Didn’t push me in between”

No candidate in “ Bauer sucht Frau” has been as popular as Patrick. After the 24-year-old had settled on Julia during the course of the court week, he contacted Antonia again after the broadcast had been recorded – she had even been shortlisted, but left the court prematurely because she couldn’t stand the competitive situation.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Antonia have expressed their love for each other on Instagram. But how exactly …

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