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As of December 25, 2020 10:49 a.m.

After an accident with two seriously injured people, the A7 at Quickborn is completely closed. It is still unclear when the blockage can be lifted.

After an accident involving two vehicles, the A7 near Quickborn (Pinneberg district) is closed in both directions. According to initial findings, a pick-up truck ran into a car driving in front of it due to excessive speed. Both the driver of the van and the driver of the car suffered serious injuries, according to police. The woman’s passenger was slightly injured.

Liquid oxygen on the road

According to the police, liquid oxygen leaked from one of the vehicles. The oxygen was transported in a tank that was apparently damaged in the accident. That’s why the fire brigade is also on site.

The end of the full closure is unclear

According to the police, it is still unclear when the full closure of the A7 can be lifted. You can see how things are currently on the streets in the NDR traffic reports for northern Germany.

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