ADAC Camping Portal PiNCAMP: The 50 most popular campsites in Austria 2020 (PHOTO)


Berlin, Salzburg (ots)

  • Austria’s campsites are more popular than ever with German campers, southern Europe with a clear decline
  • Seecamping Berghof is number 1 among German campers
  • Online booking is an important criterion for campers

Camping is booming. Despite or precisely because of Corona, the demand for camping by German campers has risen sharply, especially in Germany – but also in Austria. This is evidenced by the evaluation of the number of hits and the user ratings from PiNCAMP, the ADAC camping portal. PiNCAMP analyzed the usage behavior of German campers on and found that in 2020 the page views increased by 39% compared to the previous year. Uwe Frers, Managing Director of ADAC Camping GmbH, the operator of PiNCAMP, confirms: “Due to the corona, campers mainly focused on German campsites in 2020. The neighboring countries Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands also recorded strong growth, while the popular camping destinations Italy, France and Croatia suffered losses. ” As the most popular campsite in Austria, Seecamping Berghof (Villach / Landskron) took the top position for the first time, while Carinthia was the most popular destination for PiNCAMP users in the Austrian federal states, followed by Tyrol, Salzburg and Vorarlberg.

Seecamping Berghof in Villach, Carinthia, is Austria’s most popular campsite in 2020

Last year’s second Seecamping Berghof from Villach on the south bank of Ossiacher See took the top spot among the most popular TOP 50 Austrian campsites, followed by Wellness Seecamping Parth (Ossiach, Carinthia), the Sportcamp Woferlgut (Bruck, Salzburg), the Comfort Camping Park Burgstaller ( Döbriach, Carinthia) and the Comfort Camping Aufenfeld experience (Aschau, Tyrol). Sixth place went to last year’s first Camping Naturally Hell from Fügen, Tyrol.

Carinthia is the most popular camping state in 2020

The Carinthian campsites are particularly popular with German campers. In 2020, 18 campsites from Carinthia were among the top 50 most popular campsites in Austria. This is followed by Tyrol, Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria. No campsite from Vienna or Burgenland made it into the top 50 most popular campsites in Austria in 2020.

Great demand, limited supply, online booking is becoming increasingly important

The great demand for campsites led to sometimes chaotic conditions in summer. Again and again, campers stood in front of locked places because of overcrowding and had to leave without having achieved anything. The campsites were overwhelmed by the flood of emails and phone calls. Uwe Frers: “After the frustrating experiences in 2020, I urgently advise you to book your desired place online before starting your camping trip in 2021. At the start of the 2021 season, PiNCAMP will offer over 2,000 campsites that can be booked online, so that campers will have their place safely and start stress-free in a relaxing camping holiday.

ADAC Camping: The 10 most popular campsites for German campers in Austria 2020

  1. Seecamping Berghof, Carinthia (previous year 2nd place)
  2. Wellness Seecamping Parth, Carinthia (6)
  3. Sportcamp Woferlgut, Salzburg (4)
  4. Comfort-Camping Burgstaller, Carinthia (8)
  5. Experience Comfort Camping Aufenfeld, Tyrol (3)
  6. Camping Naturally Hell, Tyrol (1)
  7. Camping Brunner am See, Carinthia (11)
  8. Eurocamp Wilder Kaiser, Tirol (9)
  9. Alpen Caravanpark Achensee, Tirol (5)
  10. Schluga Camping Hermagor, Carinthia (10)

The 10 most popular travel destinations for German campers in 2020:

  1. Germany (+ 154% growth, previous year 1st place)
  2. Italy (-27%, 2)
  3. Croatia (-30%, 3)
  4. Austria (+ 51%, 6)
  5. France (-41%, 4)
  6. Netherlands (+ 10%, 5)
  7. Denmark (+ 54%, 9)
  8. Switzerland (-15%, 8)
  9. Spain (-53%, 7)
  10. Slovenia (+ 4%, 13)

The most popular camping states Austria 2020 *

  1. Carinthia (18 campsites among the top 50)
  2. Tirol (15)
  3. Salzburg (5)
  4. Vorarlberg (5)
  5. Oberösterreich (4)
  6. Lower Austria (2)
  7. Steiermark (1)

* after page views on


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