After a dramatic delivery: does Samira have a birth trauma?


The horror birth leaves its mark! For a few days now, the Love Island stars Samira and Yasin have been proud and overjoyed to call themselves parents – but the dramatic delivery has cast a shadow over the good news. Complications had occurred and the dark-haired woman almost bled to death giving birth to her son. It works now Samira Better again according to the circumstances – but does the experience have serious consequences? Has the new mother suffered a birth trauma?

Your loved one now answered fan questions on his Instagram-Kanal and a follower wanted to know whether the Hamburg woman was afraid of another birth due to the incidents. Yasin let Samira answer herself from the puerperium and panned the camera at her. “No trauma, fear is already there. But as soon as you have the child in your arms, you really forget everything completely”, emphasized the curly-haired head and cuddled in bed with the little Malik-Kerim while answering the question.

So can the beauty imagine having offspring again soon? “Not now, but sometime later”she chatted. So it looks like the little man could look forward to a sibling in the distant future. But first, the reality TV star has to recover from the strains of the first birth.

Yasin and Samira with their son Malik-Kerim
Yasin and Samira with their son Malik-Kerim
Samira, Reality-TV-Star

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