After Donald Trump moved out: Joe Biden wants to have the White House thoroughly disinfected


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Numerous Donald Trump employees and the US President himself became infected with Corona. Before Joe Biden takes office, the White House should therefore be thoroughly disinfected.

  • Under Donald Trump find in White house despite Corona numerous events take place.
  • Joe Biden wants to be US President to appropriate Corona– Adhere to guidelines.
  • To move in Joe Biden the White House clean and disinfect thoroughly.

Washington DC – The “Transition Team” from Joe Biden is currently working at full speed to take office through the next US presidents as smoothly as possible. Preparations for the Democrats to run. Regarding the tracks that his predecessor Donald Trump is left behind in the official seat, one is particularly careful.

Joe Biden succeeds Donald Trump: the next US President has the White House disinfected

As the US health authority CDC announced, it could Coronavirus survive on surfaces for days. US citizens are encouraged to clean and disinfect them regularly. That also wants to Joe Biden hold. Hours after Donald Trump the White House leaves one last time, extensive cleaning work is to be initiated. This was announced by the “General Services Administration” (GSA; for example “General Services Administration”) to the “Politico” news site.

Every corner of the East and West Wing that has been touched by a human is tackled, thoroughly polished and disinfected. No door handle, railing or light switch should be left out. A private company is said to receive around $ 29,000 to “free the air of droplets” – and Joe Biden leave a safe place.

Before Joe Biden’s arrival as US President, the White House is being thoroughly disinfected.

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The White House is disinfected: Joe Biden orders cleaning after Donald Trump leaves

The behavior under US President Joe Biden should be exemplary and the “exact opposite” of what is currently in the White house takes place, says Nicole Lurie, who Democrats in the pandemic advises. Also at larger events, which developed into so-called super-spreader events, took hold Donald Trump and the crowding guests often do not wear a mask. The infected at the beginning of October president, First Lady Melania Trump, their son Barron and numerous congressmen. Even after the election party on November 3rd, advisors and staff from the White house positive to that Coronavirus tested.

This is how US citizens are supposed to be within the first 100 days under the presidency of Joe Biden wear a mask. “I think the social punishment for not wearing one mask will be big, ”said Lurie. “Instead of making fun of people who wear a mask, you put pressure on them.” It would be very difficult not to wear a mask in a meeting and not to adhere to the rules of distance.

Corona measures in the White House – Joe Biden wants to take action after Donald Trump

Also the presence of the staff in White house will after the era Donald Trump significantly reduced, events should be held virtually virtually. So far, no high-ranking member of the campaign has been Joe Biden with the Coronavirus infected, reports “Politico”. So the measures are bearing fruit. Only two people around the future Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive. She immediately canceled all upcoming meetings and stopped her campaign until she received a negative test result. Given the dramatic situation of the Corona-Pandemie in the USA seems to be a change in behavior White house urgently needed. (Lukas Rogalla)

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