After driving amok in Trier: arrest warrant issued for murder


After the fatal rampage with a car in the city center of Trier, the urgently suspected man comes into custody. This was announced by the public prosecutor’s office in the Rhineland-Palatinate city.

The 51-year-old driver, who is said to have killed several people with his vehicle in downtown Trier, has been taken into custody. This was confirmed by the Trier public prosecutor.

The man who was drunk at 1.4 per mille at the time of the crime made statements to the police both on Tuesday and today. However, these are changing and partially incomprehensible. Therefore, neither a comprehensible motive for the act nor details of the course of events could have been derived, explained the senior public prosecutor Peter Fritzen. The prosecution classifies the act as multiple murder, attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm.

The interrogation should continue

The investigators are currently assuming that the gunman acted without an organized background. The questioning of the suspect should continue in the coming days, said Fritzen. Details should initially not be communicated in order not to interfere with further investigations.

In the room it had also been stated whether the alleged death driver, described by the public prosecutor as mentally conspicuous, is going to psychiatry instead of pre-trial detention.

Police stopped the perpetrator within minutes

The man who was born in Trier drove on Tuesday afternoon in a high-horsepower sports vehicle in a serpentine manner through the city center of Trier and ran over people at random. Five people died, including a nine-week-old baby, three women aged 25, 52 and 73, and a 45-year-old man – the father of the killed baby.

18 people were injured, six of them seriously. The man was stopped and arrested just four minutes after the police were alerted.

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