After driving amok in Trier, arrest warrant issued for murder


        After the fatal rampage with a car in the pedestrian zone in the city center of Trier in southwest Germany, the suspect was arrested for murder in five cases.  The Trier public prosecutor announced on Wednesday.  He is also accused of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm in 18 other cases.  According to the decision of the investigating judge of the Trier district court, the 51-year-old comes into custody.        </p><div>
        <p>Because of indications of a possible mental illness, placement in a closed psychiatric facility was also an option.  In the opinion of the public prosecutor's office, the man from the Trier-Saarburg district was "urgently suspected" of driving a high-speed sports vehicle with a high-powered sports vehicle "indiscriminately and deliberately" into and over pedestrians.</p>            

It was his intention to “kill or at least injure as many people as possible,” it said in a statement. The man was stopped and arrested just four minutes after the police were alerted.

Five people died in the pedestrian zone on Tuesday: three women aged 25, 52 and 73 years as well as a 45 year old man and his nine and a half week old daughter. 18 other people were injured by the rampage, six seriously. The number of injured has increased since Tuesday evening because there were still late registrations. The baby’s mother survived and, according to authorities, is in hospital as well as her one and a half year old son.

According to the prosecutor, the motive for the act is still unclear. In his interrogations, the man had given “changing and partially incomprehensible information”, the investigators said. So far, neither a comprehensible motive for the crime nor details of the course of events could be derived from this. The questioning of the man would continue for the next few days.

There are no indications “for any political, religious or similar motives”. The accused had been under the influence of alcohol during the act.

In Austria, the act brought back memories of the rampage on June 20, 2015 through downtown Graz. A 26-year-old killed three people, including a four-year-old boy. 36 other pedestrians were injured, some seriously.

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